The American Revolution and the Habsburg Monarchy (Charlottesville/London: University of Virginia Press, forthcoming 2021).

My first monograph, The American Revolution and the Habsburg Monarchy, will appear later this year as a ground-breaking study of the Revolution’s impact in central Europe. Across nine chapters, I combine multiple historical angles (cultural, diplomatic, economic, and intellectual) to achieve a new perspective on the American Revolution and its global reverberations. Contrary to conventional belief, the American Revolution represented a unique commercial opportunity to people in the Habsburg lands as well as a diplomatic and ideological challenge to the Habsburg rulers. The interpretive core of my book revolves around this tension between rulers and ruled, administrators and merchants in the shaping of the Habsburg response to this revolutionary moment.

Beginning Her World Anew: The Life of Maria von Born (1766-1830), anticipated submission in summer 2022.

I plan on submitting my next manuscript in summer 2022. The biography of an Austrian countess—Maria von Born, who fled to the United States in the 1790s and returned to Vienna in the late-1810s—will be used as a vehicle to explore to the divergent political and social worlds offered by the early American republic and post-Napoleonic central Europe, including the Italian peninsula.

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