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I believe historians cannot operate alone or in an ‘ivory tower’ and so outreach to others and groups not connected to historical research should be a fundamental undertaking for every historian. In addition to the numerous publically accessible blogs and media interviews I have given, below is list of my previous public engagements.

I welcome any suggestions for potential collaboration, please feel free to contact me.

Austrian Embassy to the United States, Washington DC

On 17 August 2022, I presented my book The American Revolution and the Habsburg Monarchy at the Austrian Embassy to the United States in Washington DC. The evening, attended by roughly 125 people, was organised by the Embassy staff to whom I grateful for a splendid opportunity to dicuss the results of my research with an audience who were intriguied, welcoming, and engrossed. The video below shows the outline of my book’s major discoveries and arguments.

The Society of the Cincinnati, Washington DC

Following an invitation from the Society of the Cincinnati, I spoke about my newly pubished book The American Revolution and the Habsburg Monarchy to a hybrid audience of circa 200 people online and at Anderson House in Washington D.C. My first public talk after the pandemic focused on the three key themes of the Habsburg relationship to the American Revolution and the emerging independent United States of America: Diplomacy, Commerce, and Intellectual Curiosity. I thank both the Society organisers and the audience for such a wonderful and engaging event.

Vienna Humanities Festival 2017, Vienna

Following an invitation from the Festival Director Matti Bunzl, I talked on the theme “The American Revolution … and Austria” in front of a large non-specialist audience on Saturday 23rd September 2017. The theme of that year’s festival was ‘Revolution!’ which accurately reflected the overarching theme of my historical interest.

Austrian-American Society / Österreichische-Amerikanische Gesellschaft, Vienna

Following an invitation by ÖAG Programme Director Vic Huber, I presented an hour-long overview of my research into early US-Habsburg relations interested members and guests of the Society in the Vienna Clubhouse. An engaging Q&A followed and I have since been invited to give a multi-part lecture series in the near future.

Transatlantic Seminar Series, School of Social and Political Science at Edinburgh

Following an invitation by the Transatlantic Seminar organiser Prof. John Peterson, I presented the open lecture ‘The American Revolution – What Are We Missing?’ which you can view online. The audience was a mixture of politics students and the general public.

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