The Leopoldine Society in America 1829-1914

The Leopoldine Society (Die Leopoldinenstiftung) existed between 1829 and 1914. The society began in Austria-Hungary with the express aim to promote Catholicism in North America through raising donations and supporting missionary work. The society was named for the former imperial archduchess, Empress Marie Leopoldine of Brazil. Native Americans to Catholicism but quickly saw the needContinue reading “The Leopoldine Society in America 1829-1914”

The Beelen-Bertholf Papers

Baron Frederick Eugene de Beelen-Bertholf arrived in Philadelphia on Tuesday 9th September 1783 along with his wife Jeanne-Marie Therese, daughter Clemencé Auguste  and two sons Frederick Eugene Jr. and Constantine Antoine. Their new home, the capital of the new republic, convulsed under the ‘Fall Fever’ which at its height that autumn claimed the lives of thirtyContinue reading “The Beelen-Bertholf Papers”

Beginning Her World Anew: Maria von Born

The Project Maria von Born’s life was one of the most extraordinary women of her time. She broke conventions and defied expectation as she drastically set the course of her own life from her birth in Prague to her life on the frontier to her career in Philadelphia and return to Central Europe. Her hardships encountered in fortificationsContinue reading “Beginning Her World Anew: Maria von Born”

The American Revolution and the Habsburg Monarchy

The American Revolution and the Habsburg Monarchy (Charlottesville/London: University of Virginia Press, 2021). UVA Press Store: Open-Access Edition: Amazon: DE UK US In 1783, the Peace of Paris treaties famously concluded the American Revolution. However, the Revolution could have come to an end two years earlier had diplomats from the Habsburg realms—the largestContinue reading “The American Revolution and the Habsburg Monarchy”